Why Giving You a Meal Plan Doesn’t Cut It

This is a conversation I’ve had too often. It starts off with a casual conversation, small talk, and then the question “what do you do for a living.” As I answer I prepare myself for the bombardment of questions I’m about to get about what they should eat. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE when people, even strangers, ask me questions about nutrition and fitness. I love what I do and I could talk about it all day every day. I usually have to probe for some basic information before I give them enough knowledge where they walk away feeling informed. Without fail, one of the first questions I hear is.. “well, what do you eat?" “Uhh… how much time to you have? Because I eat a lot! For instance I had a t

You Asked, I Answered: Is it better to work out in the morning or the evening?

You Asked, I Answered is a new series I’m starting. Once a week I’ll take a question that was submitted to me and explain the answer in a blog post. So if you have questions send them to me through the CONTACT PAGE of this website! Question: “Is it better to work out in the morning or the evening? This is a question I get often and usually somewhere near the beginning of the program. This is a topic I’ve spent time researching, particularly during my Masters studies in Sports Nutrition, and since with becoming a personal trainer. Now, there are a lot of factors that are considered if you ever read through the research… which you probably haven’t, nor should you want to because it can get pre

Find Meals You Enjoy! (also my lunch today)

So I have a slight obsession with taking traditional dishes and trying to find healthier tweaks to make. I know what you’re thinking... “oh like sugar-free, gluten-free, oil free, and basically taste-free brownies?? No thanks!” Yeah I’m with you on that too. If I’m going to have a brownie it’s going to be an amazing and make it worth it. (I’m probably shooting myself in the foot though because I’m sure at some point I’ll post one of those recipes). To me, if what I’m eating doesn’t taste at least somewhat good than it’s not something that is going to satisfy me. I’ll probably be looking for something else to eat in about 15 minutes. Finding foods you truly enjoy and look forward to eating is

Need Motivation to Get into a Healthy Routine?

Being that I work mostly with clients that want to lose weight, the common reason for wanting to eat healthier and workout is to get to a lower weight. So we focus on one change at a time until they are living a life where eating healthy and exercising is just what they do. Along their journey they are shocked to discover so many factors that motivates them to eat healthy and workout, none of which has anything to do with a number on the scale. Even the healthiest among us has probably had a vacation or holiday or just a plain Tuesday that they’ve slipped up and gotten off their routine, myself included. About 80% of the time I am in a very healthy routine, working out 4-6 x week, drinking w

5 Ways to Incorporate Veggies in Your Day (Salad isn't one)

It's recommended that we eat 5 full servings of fresh produce every day, including fruits and vegetables. Now, if you can confidently say you do this on the reg, read no further and also bravo!! As a dietitian and someone who is very passionate about eating right, this is one area even I have to really focus on and plan accordingly. This is also something I see most of my clients struggle with so you're not alone if you do too! When I ask my clients to brainstorm ways to increase vegetable intake (and yes, I make them work for the answer not just give it to them) the response I usually get is.. "eat a salad??" Which is usually said in a sad discouraged tone because that's the last thing they

Rise N Grind! Tuesday Morning Workout

When I first started personal training at a small studio in Hoboken, not too long ago, I couldn't have imagined how much I would thoroughly enjoy getting up before 6am to drag my butt to the gym. Before I started this journey, 7am was just about as early as I could motivate myself to get a hard workout in. It's during these early morning sessions I truly see the power of teamwork and accountability. I don't want to let my clients down and they don't want to let me down. Knowing that these clients are counting on me to motivate them and push them inspires me to no end.... and also helps me pop up at 5:40am instead of hit the snooze button. I'll be sharing many experiences as I continue but fo

Always Hungry?! Your Biggest Questions Answered!

Hunger is the physiological need for calories, salt, and water driven by a number of factors including diet, sleep quality, activity levels, hormones and emotions. It is normal to experience an increase in appetite after going hard in the gym or during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy or breastfeeding but if you feel like a bottomless pit, something might be up! Below are some of the more common reasons you may experience constant hunger. 1. Going too long in between or skipping meals. When your stomach is empty for too long your body will release more ghrelin, an appetite stimulating hormone, resulting in feeling ravished. Let this go on for too long and it’ll typically leads to overeating.

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