How to Keep Thanksgiving in Check This Year

The big day is finally here! We’ve cleaned up our food choices and push it more in the gym the week leading up … right guys!? We’re ready to take on this big day, enjoy some foods we look forward to all year but still not over do it. So, what’s the game plan? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! ..did I mention hydrate? Especially for those they may have indulged in one or TOO many drinks the night before (see what I did there?). Drink as much water as you can all day long. This will help keep your hunger levels, energy and cravings regulated throughout the day. It will also keep your metabolism burning. Don’t skip breakfast! I know we think we’re doing ourselves a favor by “saving calories” but this

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

The week leading up to Thanksgiving is all about preparation! If you’re looking to stay healthy and keep the lbs. off this holiday season, planning is going to be your best friend. My last post talked about keeping it clean going into Thanksgiving so you can feel okay about indulging a bit and enjoy some foods you don’t always get to on the day of. This post is all about planning the actual meal! If you are the one hosting or even if you are contributing to the meal this year, you’re in luck because that means you’re in control of the food that will be offered and ultimately what you end up eating. Thanksgiving can be a very healthy meal with lean turkey meat, potatoes and lots of vegetable

Preparing for Thanksgiving!

Enjoy thanksgiving this year- without the extra lbs... Holidays are just around the corner! The most wonderful, joyful, festive, and food-coma filled time of the year! As much as we look forward to this time of year, it is not without the anticipation of how many lbs. we’ll be packing on. If you’re like the millions of Americans, we typically over eat, under exercise and gain weight- which sets us up perfectly for our new year’s “need to get in shape!” resolution. I’ve seen many people go through this time of year with motivation to ‘be good’ through these couple of months just to experience the same outcome year after year. Now, it is possible to get through the holidays, maintain your weig

A New Perspective on Failure

Last week I experienced a moment of failure- it was very humbling, honest and kind of shitty, to be frank. I failed at something. I set a goal, got the right things in place to help me accomplish this goal and despite all my efforts I failed. Real, honest, no excuse failure. At first, I was feeling embarrassed, angry, disappointed and frustrated- as most would. As the day went on I took some time to reflect, reassess and see what went wrong. The feeling of disappointment and failure stuck with me the whole day like cloud hanging over my head. I wasn’t taking this well. Towards the end of the day I finally hit the gym- working out is where I can decompress and think clearly. By the end of the

Post Workout Beer: Good or Bad??

The other day someone asked me about if having a drink after working out is really going to affect their fitness progress “that much.” My answer was yes- ideally you avoid any alcohol after your bust your butt in the gym. I’d like to think this is common sense but sometimes we tell ourselves things that we know aren’t true to make us feel better (I'm guilty of this too). This question likely came up because there were some articles floating around supporting drinking and exercising as a benefit. So, I started digging around to see what the story was. Here are some of the claims I found…. “The combination of red wine + working out can be beneficial to your heart.” “Wine and beer consumption i

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