Weight Loss Blog Series Tip #3: Ditch the All or Nothing Mentality!

I’m not quite sure how or when our efforts to lose weight became an all or nothing approach but it seems we have taught ourselves overtime to think if we’re not all in and giving it 100% every day then we have failed. Which typically leads to thinking “what’s the point” and give up. We could be on the top of our game, exercising every day, eating healthy all week and then we have one slice of unplanned pizza Friday night and it’s all over- might as well throw in the towel because you’ve broken your healthy streak. Eating healthy and sticking to your exercise plan 100% of the time is not only unrealistic but also unnecessary. I see almost all my clients start off with this mindset. They come

DRY JANUARY: RECAP (how'd everyone do?!)

Hey guys! Was it just me or did January FLY BY?! I didn’t even realize dry January was over until this morning (and I could have been drinking all day yesterday!.. joking). But on a serious note, I wasn't even paying attention anymore because that's how much I didn't miss it! How did everyone do?? For those of you just getting on the band wagon, dry January is a challenge that you eliminate alcohol for the entire month of January. 4 weeks and 4 weekends- no drinking! After posting in the beginning of the month that this was going down I was SO blown away by so many of you that were also joining in on the “fun.” Countless people reached out saying they were up for the challenge! Which is grea

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