New Orleans - Week in Review!

Hey ya’ll! Spent the last few days in New Orleans (first timer) and WOW- what a blast! A whole mixture of leisure, work, unhealthy and healthy foods, party scenes, art and classical scenes and trying to navigate it all to stay healthy but also enjoy myself. Here’s how it went.. Touched down in NOLA Friday night, checked in and headed straight to Bourbon Street for our first po’ boy, alligator bites, oysters and a hurricane. They definitely like their fried food down here and top of my list was to try a tried and true fried po’ boy Nor’leans style! (am I saying the right?) I spent the first half of the trip saying New-OR-leans- stuck out like a sore thumb but I’ve gotten better saying ‘Nor’la

Navigating a Busy Week: A Peek Inside My Life

Wow what a BUSY amazing week this past week was! Traveling and busy schedules can be the biggest bust to our healthy routines- but I’m here to tell you it is possible to stick with it! In the last week I’ve traveled to Lake Placid, NY to speak at a conference, visited my sister in Saratoga NY, was a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding in Lake George, enjoyed mother’s day brunch and traveled back downstate. All while maintaining my weight and my healthy choices. Here's how.... I was SO excited to be asked to speak at the New York State Dietetics Conference which was hosted in Lake Placid last week 😊 I was also STRESSED that it was the same week as my brother’s wedding but I agreed because the

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