These days the market is filled with beauty products that promise glowing skin, diminished wrinkles and an overall younger more vibrant you (who doesn't want that!?). However, the majority of what we read and hear is related to topical or external products. It fails to address the impact of what we put IN our bodies rather than what we put ON our bodies has on our external appearance. This is not to say these topical products don’t work! I have a few of my own that I LOVE and refuse to give up. BUT, there are some nutritional considerations we should make that can lead to improvements in health and appearance of our hair, nails and skin.  


The typical American diet is lacking or missing many important nutrients preventing us from getting all the necessary nutrition our bodies need. In fact, even if you have a decent diet you’re probably still missing out on some essential nutrients. It’s possible but not easy to meet nutritional needs with fresh food so I often reco...

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Keto Diet: Healthy or Hype?

July 11, 2019

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