March 27, 2017

1. Umm.. hello 3 months until summer.

Let’s just state the obvious right away. Soon we’ll be losing our comfy leggings and chunky sweaters (at least for the northerners) for shorts, tanks and bathing suits. Now although my first focus is ALWAYS on living an overall healthy lifestyle that you’re comfortable with, finding a weight and body size you are mentally confident too is part of it. If your physical self doesn’t agree with your mental self-let’s figure out where those two can meet. Everything is simply more enjoyable when you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

2. Three months is typically the amount of time that is needed to establish some healthy habits and lose about 10 lbs – 15 lbs. Crash dieting and quick drops in weight is challenging, stressful, not enjoyable, unhealthy and usually unsuccessful. Set yourself up for success and take a gradual approach over the next 3 months instead of freaking out when summer is a few weeks away.

3. Warmer temps allow you to get ou...

February 24, 2017

I’m not quite sure how or when our efforts to lose weight became an all or nothing approach but it seems we have taught ourselves overtime to think if we’re not all in and giving it 100% every day then we have failed. Which typically leads to thinking “what’s the point” and give up. We could be on the top of our game, exercising every day, eating healthy all week and then we have one slice of unplanned pizza Friday night and it’s all over- might as well throw in the towel because you’ve broken your healthy streak. Eating healthy and sticking to your exercise plan 100% of the time is not only unrealistic but also unnecessary.

I see almost all my clients start off with this mindset. They come to me all excited and ready to jump in not 100% sure about what to expect. And sometimes even a little scared that life as they know it is now over. Good bye fun yummy food and hello celery stick (am I right?!). The inevitable “my diet starts tomorrow” dooms day.

Well I’m here to tell you to cut it ou...

February 2, 2017

Hey guys! Was it just me or did January FLY BY?! I didn’t even realize dry January was over until this morning (and I could have been drinking all day yesterday!.. joking). But on a serious note, I wasn't even paying attention anymore because that's how much I didn't miss it! How did everyone do??

For those of you just getting on the band wagon, dry January is a challenge that you eliminate alcohol for the entire month of January. 4 weeks and 4 weekends- no drinking! After posting in the beginning of the month that this was going down I was SO blown away by so many of you that were also joining in on the “fun.” Countless people reached out saying they were up for the challenge! Which is great, because if you’re not going to be drinking you might as well have some sober buddies there with ya!

I recently reached out to a bunch of these dry-January participants to see what they learned, what was the most challenging, what surprised them and how this is might affect their lifestyle (if at al...

January 25, 2017

"Yikes! I’m sorry, you want me to do what?!”

I know it seems crazy and terrible and just wrong but yes, I want you to weigh in every day. There is no single act that is more important than this. I’ve seen it in my own practice and I’ve read countless studies that show if you simply do this one task you will lose weight. Weighing in every day forces to face your actions and forces you to think about your goals. A lot of the power doesn’t even come from seeing the number.

“Wait, what do you mean it’s not about the number?”

Weighing in each day gives you a dedicated moment in the morning to remember what it is you are trying to achieve. With tight schedules and busy lives, we can sometimes put ourselves and our own goals on the back burner. We might have the strongest desire to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more but if we never take the time to actually do it it won’t happen. Often what I see is individuals starting off strong focusing on making changes and then the focus gets lo...

December 14, 2016

Have you ever felt like life is constantly throwing unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) surprises at you? Like no matter what you do you can’t get ahead or catch a break. As soon as you’re in the clear, BOOM something else steps in the way. Leaves you thinking “there’s always something!” Like many of you I have had times in my life where this feeling was DAILY (cough cough internship and grad school). Felt I couldn’t catch a break or get ahead and it was a terrible feeling… Hind sight doing a full time clinical internship and NYU Master’s program in 16 months might not have been the best idea.

I have seen many of my own clients struggle with this too. Changing the way you live, eat and exercise is a challenging task on top of all the other obligations you have. Even the small stuff becomes a challenge... and the “something” that always comes up. For example: a holiday party, a friend giving them pressure to “just have one,” or a celebratory happy hour, or a family member guilting you in...

November 22, 2016

The big day is finally here! We’ve cleaned up our food choices and push it more in the gym the week leading up … right guys!? We’re ready to take on this big day, enjoy some foods we look forward to all year but still not over do it. So, what’s the game plan?

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! ..did I mention hydrate? Especially for those they may have indulged in one or TOO many drinks the night before (see what I did there?). Drink as much water as you can all day long. This will help keep your hunger levels, energy and cravings regulated throughout the day. It will also keep your metabolism burning.

  2. Don’t skip breakfast! I know we think we’re doing ourselves a favor by “saving calories” but this tends to back fire on us. Eating a healthy breakfast will help regulate energy levels, boost metabolism and control our cravings/hunger levels. If we want to keep our food choices in check these are all important things. It doesn’t have to be anything big but make sure you incorporate some...

November 17, 2016

The week leading up to Thanksgiving is all about preparation! If you’re looking to stay healthy and keep the lbs. off this holiday season, planning is going to be your best friend. My last post talked about keeping it clean going into Thanksgiving so you can feel okay about indulging a bit and enjoy some foods you don’t always get to on the day of. This post is all about planning the actual meal!

If you are the one hosting or even if you are contributing to the meal this year, you’re in luck because that means you’re in control of the food that will be offered and ultimately what you end up eating. Thanksgiving can be a very healthy meal with lean turkey meat, potatoes and lots of vegetable sides. However, it can also go south quickly- stuffing, gravy, bacon wrapped vegetables, cheese, dips, fried foods, and endless desserts- not to mention pure volume of food! Start by planning the menu with mostly healthy options and only a few indulgences.

Below I’m sharing some of my personal favorit...

November 15, 2016

Enjoy thanksgiving this year- without the extra lbs...

Holidays are just around the corner! The most wonderful, joyful, festive, and food-coma filled time of the year! As much as we look forward to this time of year, it is not without the anticipation of how many lbs. we’ll be packing on. If you’re like the millions of Americans, we typically over eat, under exercise and gain weight- which sets us up perfectly for our new year’s “need to get in shape!” resolution. I’ve seen many people go through this time of year with motivation to ‘be good’ through these couple of months just to experience the same outcome year after year. Now, it is possible to get through the holidays, maintain your weight and health and still enjoy each celebration. How? We’ll take it step by step this year starting with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. Let’s face it, with the endless buffets of food starting early in the morning to late at night it’s hard to simply “eat until your satisfied...

November 9, 2016

Last week I experienced a moment of failure- it was very humbling, honest and kind of shitty, to be frank. I failed at something. I set a goal, got the right things in place to help me accomplish this goal and despite all my efforts I failed. Real, honest, no excuse failure. At first, I was feeling embarrassed, angry, disappointed and frustrated- as most would.

As the day went on I took some time to reflect, reassess and see what went wrong. The feeling of disappointment and failure stuck with me the whole day like cloud hanging over my head. I wasn’t taking this well. Towards the end of the day I finally hit the gym- working out is where I can decompress and think clearly. By the end of the 60-minute workout I had a whole new perspective, a positive one.

I became excited, motivated, refocused and even proud of the fact that I failed at something. To me it meant I was starting to reach my fullest potential. I’ve always been one to set big goals and push myself hard to reach them- as most...

November 1, 2016

The other day someone asked me about if having a drink after working out is really going to affect their fitness progress “that much.” My answer was yes- ideally you avoid any alcohol after your bust your butt in the gym. I’d like to think this is common sense but sometimes we tell ourselves things that we know aren’t true to make us feel better (I'm guilty of this too). This question likely came up because there were some articles floating around supporting drinking and exercising as a benefit. So, I started digging around to see what the story was. Here are some of the claims I found….

 “The combination of red wine + working out can be beneficial to your heart.”

“Wine and beer consumption increase endorphins.”

“Beer could be better than a protein shake.”

So, let’s break it down. The first claim was pulled from a study that compared 2 groups: the first group included individuals who drank red wine 5 days/week + exercising and the second group compared just drinking wine. They found t...

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