April 21, 2016

You Asked, I Answered is a new series I’m starting. Once a week I’ll take a question that was submitted to me and explain the answer in a blog post. So if you have questions send them to me through the CONTACT PAGE of this website!



Question: “Is it better to work out in the morning or the evening?



This is a question I get often and usually somewhere near the beginning of the program. This is a topic I’ve spent time researching, particularly during my Masters studies in Sports Nutrition, and since with becoming a personal trainer. Now, there are a lot of factors that are considered if you ever read through the research… which you probably haven’t, nor should you want to because it can get pretty dry, so I’ll sum it up for you here. First you have to define what your goals are. What are you looking to “better” exactly? Weight loss? Muscle growth? More energy? Better quality sleep? What is it that you are actually trying to achieve? Based on your goals you might find yourself with diffe...


Being that I work mostly with clients that want to lose weight, the common reason for wanting to eat healthier and workout is to get to a lower weight. So we focus on one change at a time until they are living a life where eating healthy and exercising is just what they do. Along their journey they are shocked to discover so many factors that motivates them to eat healthy and workout, none of which has anything to do with a number on the scale. Even the healthiest among us has probably had a vacation or holiday or just a plain Tuesday that they’ve slipped up and gotten off their routine, myself included. About 80% of the time I am in a very healthy routine, working out 4-6 x week, drinking water all day every day, sleeping well, meal prepping and eating healthy, and limiting alcohol. But then there’s the 20% where I go out and order a burger (with the fries), have a few glasses of wine, go out with some friends, enjoy a big Italian feast upstate with my family... all of which I’m perf...

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