Being that I work mostly with clients that want to lose weight, the common reason for wanting to eat healthier and workout is to get to a lower weight. So we focus on one change at a time until they are living a life where eating healthy and exercising is just what they do. Along their journey they are shocked to discover so many factors that motivates them to eat healthy and workout, none of which has anything to do with a number on the scale. Even the healthiest among us has probably had a vacation or holiday or just a plain Tuesday that they’ve slipped up and gotten off their routine, myself included. About 80% of the time I am in a very healthy routine, working out 4-6 x week, drinking water all day every day, sleeping well, meal prepping and eating healthy, and limiting alcohol. But then there’s the 20% where I go out and order a burger (with the fries), have a few glasses of wine, go out with some friends, enjoy a big Italian feast upstate with my family... all of which I’m perf...

April 12, 2016

When I first started personal training at a small studio in Hoboken, not too long ago, I couldn't have imagined how much I would thoroughly enjoy getting up before 6am to drag my butt to the gym. Before I started this journey, 7am was just about as early as I could motivate myself to get a hard workout in. It's during these early morning sessions I truly see the power of teamwork and accountability. I don't want to let my clients down and they don't want to let me down. Knowing that these clients are counting on me to motivate them and push them inspires me to no end.... and also helps me pop up at 5:40am instead of hit the snooze button. I'll be sharing many experiences as I continue but for now I wanted to show you what this 6am workout looked like for me and my client this morning. Oh yeah, and if my clients get up and show up early then I do the workout with them, that's the deal. There's nothing worse than, not only dying from a workout at 6am but having someone sip coffee watchin...

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July 11, 2019

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