November 30, 2018

In this crazy busy world we tend to over complicate, over think and over stress. Our daily life obligations sometimes feels like enough to get through, without thinking about meal planning, eating right and fitting activity in!

I totally get it! I’ve been there too. But I’m here to tell you today that building healthy habits doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact it’s actually really simple, you only need 3 things.

Seriously, only 3 things to start building a healthy habit and they are 3 things that you can start doing easily, today!

I’ve spent years reviewing research, reading books from the experts, listening to podcasts about the latest studies and of course working directly with clients to see what works and what doesn’t.

Most importantly, I’m a Registered Dietitian, and by definition we are evidence based practitioners held to a high standard. This means, whatever I share with you is 100% back up by science. Cold hard facts of what works and what doesn’t. A major reason that when it...

When it comes to weight loss people want to put their effort where it counts. So they ask me..


"Is diet or exercise more important? Is it 50/50? 70/30? 80/20? Should I put my focus on my diet or my exercise? Which one will help me lose weight faster?"


I’m not sure how these ratios between the two factors get determined or even why it became one versus the other.  Long story short both are critical to weight loss and health, no surprise I’m sure. If you dive into the research (as I have) you’ll find countless studies supporting both sides of the table in this debate. For as many studies supporting activity, you’ll find just as many studies supporting diet. The media has a field day with this type of research, because it’s relevant and relatable to most readers. After all, nearly 75% of Americans are overweight or obese. This is when you’ll see articles surface titled: “Eating Less is Far More Important Than Exercise.” Most recently, the consensus seems to side with diet being the more...

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