5 Ways to Incorporate Veggies in Your Day (Salad isn't one)

It's recommended that we eat 5 full servings of fresh produce every day, including fruits and vegetables. Now, if you can confidently say you do this on the reg, read no further and also bravo!! As a dietitian and someone who is very passionate about eating right, this is one area even I have to really focus on and plan accordingly. This is also something I see most of my clients struggle with so you're not alone if you do too! When I ask my clients to brainstorm ways to increase vegetable intake (and yes, I make them work for the answer not just give it to them) the response I usually get is.. "eat a salad??" Which is usually said in a sad discouraged tone because that's the last thing they really want to eat. If you're someone who can eat one or more salads every day then, once again bravo! However, you probably stopped reading after the first few sentences or didn't click on this post at all. Now I have been known to whip together an awesome salad or order one as an entree at a restaurant but to be honest I'm not a HUGE fan of salads. I'm living proof that you don't need to eat salads everyday all day to meet your vegetable intake requirements! Below are a few ideas of how to creatively sneak in some vegetables...

1. Avocado toast can be topped with just about ANY vegetable and works for breakfast. I usually pair it with a couple eggs or Greek yogurt on the side. (See the pic above).

2. Lettuce taco boats. YES! to anything that involves tacos... check out this one!

3. Blend vegetables in your morning protein shake (trust me it'll taste fine). Cucumbers, spinach, kale are usually my go-to's.

4. Zoodles! If you haven't joined the spiralizing craze yet, you need too. Check out this healthy Shrimp Scampi recipe!

5. Egg vegetable scramble. This one can be for just about any meal and helps clear out any left over veggies that need to be eaten up! Check out this Farmer's Market Scramble!

Try these out and let me know what you think! More to come so stay tuned :)

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