How to Keep Thanksgiving in Check This Year

The big day is finally here! We’ve cleaned up our food choices and push it more in the gym the week leading up … right guys!? We’re ready to take on this big day, enjoy some foods we look forward to all year but still not over do it. So, what’s the game plan?

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! ..did I mention hydrate? Especially for those they may have indulged in one or TOO many drinks the night before (see what I did there?). Drink as much water as you can all day long. This will help keep your hunger levels, energy and cravings regulated throughout the day. It will also keep your metabolism burning.

  2. Don’t skip breakfast! I know we think we’re doing ourselves a favor by “saving calories” but this tends to back fire on us. Eating a healthy breakfast will help regulate energy levels, boost metabolism and control our cravings/hunger levels. If we want to keep our food choices in check these are all important things. It doesn’t have to be anything big but make sure you incorporate some type of lean protein to start the day off: A Greek yogurt, couple of eggs or even a protein shake or bar... with a glass of water.

  3. Anticipate the foods offered. We all know, for the most part what will be served for appetizers, diner and dessert. There are probably a few things you know you’re looking forward to. Have in mind what will be worth it to splurge on. If you don’t care much for the dinner sides but LOVE pumpkin pie- keep dinner choices healthy and plan to enjoy a dessert.

  4. Balance volume and portions. In a regular dinner meal, you might have 1 entrée with 2 sides (normal meal: grilled chicken, potato, and roasted asparagus). In this case, normal portions would be appropriate. On thanksgiving, you want to try and mimic your normal volume of food- this means if you plan to try 4-5 different foods with dinner you should pull back on the serving size. General rule of thumb on this day is cut your portions in half compared to what you normally serve yourself.

  5. Plan something active that day! Touch football game with the guys? Walk around the neighborhood after the parade? Or start a new tradition of running a local turkey trot (that’s what I’m doing this year!). Not only are you getting some activity in but you are taking part in community and supporting a great cause (most turkey trots support a local effort). What a great way to celebrate the real reason for this holiday! Which brings me to my last tip…

  6. Focus on the real reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead of having the focus be on overeating, make the focus be on your friends and family and everything you are thankful for. Enjoy the conversations, the time, the memories being made and the loved ones you are surround by. The food is great – but nothing compares to spending time celebrating traditions with friends and family.

...and with that I wish everyone a very happy & healthy Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends!

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