"There's Always Something"

Have you ever felt like life is constantly throwing unexpected (and sometimes unwanted) surprises at you? Like no matter what you do you can’t get ahead or catch a break. As soon as you’re in the clear, BOOM something else steps in the way. Leaves you thinking “there’s always something!” Like many of you I have had times in my life where this feeling was DAILY (cough cough internship and grad school). Felt I couldn’t catch a break or get ahead and it was a terrible feeling… Hind sight doing a full time clinical internship and NYU Master’s program in 16 months might not have been the best idea.

I have seen many of my own clients struggle with this too. Changing the way you live, eat and exercise is a challenging task on top of all the other obligations you have. Even the small stuff becomes a challenge... and the “something” that always comes up. For example: a holiday party, a friend giving them pressure to “just have one,” or a celebratory happy hour, or a family member guilting you into eating something unhealthy, co-workers always bringing in baked goods, a busy work day that got in the way of pausing for a healthy meal, or a longer than expected commute cutting into your exercise time. This often leaves my clients also saying “there’s always something.” There’s always something that we’re dealing with, getting in the way, frustrating us to the point that we sometimes quit and give up or just sulk and feel sorry for ourselves. I also see these comments become more frequent during the holiday season.

So I’ve been giving this some thought over the last week and after talking through this with someone very close to me I gained a new perspective. His response to me was “well, that’s life.” And it wasn’t said in a negative depressing way. Rather an optimistic and accepting way of “that’s life.” As simple as that response was it turn what was a negative feeling into a grateful moment. Because he was so right in pointing that out and how great “there’s always something” can be. Think about it. What is the alternative to “there’s always something”…. Nothing? How terrible, boring, uneventful, and wasteful is that?!

We often use “there’s always something” as an excuse of why we couldn’t achieve a goal. Maybe it’s time we change our perspective a bit on the “something.” Rather than being shocked that life gets in the way, maybe we should expect it and be okay with it when it does, because after all, “that’s life” and that’s okay. So, next time your commute takes longer, or you get a bad night’s sleep, a big project comes up with work you didn’t anticipate, a family member needs your help that you didn’t plan on, or anything else pops up unexpectedly that gets in the way – just be okay with it, expect it, and go with it. Don’t allow the “something” to stand between you and a goal. If we waited until there were no “somethings” getting in the way, we’d be waiting forever. Learn to roll with the “somethings” and I promise your life will be a whole lot better.

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