Weight Loss Blog Series Tip #2: Weigh Yourself Every Day !

"Yikes! I’m sorry, you want me to do what?!”

I know it seems crazy and terrible and just wrong but yes, I want you to weigh in every day. There is no single act that is more important than this. I’ve seen it in my own practice and I’ve read countless studies that show if you simply do this one task you will lose weight. Weighing in every day forces to face your actions and forces you to think about your goals. A lot of the power doesn’t even come from seeing the number.

“Wait, what do you mean it’s not about the number?”

Weighing in each day gives you a dedicated moment in the morning to remember what it is you are trying to achieve. With tight schedules and busy lives, we can sometimes put ourselves and our own goals on the back burner. We might have the strongest desire to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more but if we never take the time to actually do it it won’t happen. Often what I see is individuals starting off strong focusing on making changes and then the focus gets lost in the millions of other things that consumes their lives. Before you know it 6 months have flown by and you haven’t done anything to help your situation. Think of this moment in the beginning of the day as your “me time.” And yes, I know there are a hundred other things you can think of for “me time” that is better than stepping on a scale like laying on a hammock, jumping in the ocean, reading a book by the fire etc., but hear me out…

By taking one moment in the beginning of each and every day to think about your overall goals, eating healthier, and moving more these changes will start to naturally happen over time. I’ve seen this work “magic” aka being mindful of your goals and the changes you can make to achieve them. Stepping on the scale every morning gives you feedback to your choices – not in a good or bad way but it keeps you in check.

By avoiding the scale and not weighing ourselves (we’ve all conveniently “forgotten”) we can pretend like nothing is going on- like those fries and desserts didn’t really happen. This is how “not a big deal” of gaining 2 or 3 lbs. becomes 15 lbs+ before you even realize it.

The scale is the feedback to our choices. Over time we have moralized this “weigh-in” to reflect if we’ve been “good” or “bad.” This is not what I want you to reflect on. This is not a judgement day weigh in on whether you’ve been “good” or “bad.” This is simply data collection. To learn and see how your body responds to different changes. Once you can understand what balance of food and activity allows you to lose weight, gain weight, feel great or feel not so great then you can start to craft a lifestyle of eating and exercising that allows you to maintain and healthy weight and feel great! Keep the emotions out of it best you can- I know this is easier said than done. The scale is not the devil. The scale is simply a tool providing you with information. If it gives you information that you do not like- the good news is, you can change that. And if you are weighing in regularly you can intervene before it becomes a bigger issue. Ultimately you are the driver of what information the scale provides. Don’t like the information, change what you’re doing- don’t just avoid the scale, that doesn’t help your case. If you go to the doctor and he tells you your labs show elevated glucose and blood pressure- the solution isn’t to avoid going to the doctor. The high blood pressure and glucose doesn’t go away because you stopped getting labs drawn. Same with your weight- if losing weight is your goal, weighing in every day is necessary.

In summary weighing yourself every day:

1. Is your daily reminder of what you’re trying to achieve

2. Allows you a moment to reflect on the choices you’ve made

3. Provides information to learn how your body responds to diet and exercise

4. Creates accountability and responsibility to monitor your health

Ultimately weighing in regularly is keeping your goals and choices in the forefront- sometimes it’s tough to face, I get it. Even on those mornings where you want to throw the scale out the window, be proud that you took that step on the scale and are taking responsibility for your body, your choices, and your health- regardless of what the scale says.


So there you have it, my first two tips that are PROVEN to help you lose weight and actually have nothing to do with a specific meal plan, magic supplement or following the latest fad diet.






The rest is still to come so stay tuned!

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