10 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Get Healthy and Get in Shape!

1. Umm.. hello 3 months until summer.

Let’s just state the obvious right away. Soon we’ll be losing our comfy leggings and chunky sweaters (at least for the northerners) for shorts, tanks and bathing suits. Now although my first focus is ALWAYS on living an overall healthy lifestyle that you’re comfortable with, finding a weight and body size you are mentally confident too is part of it. If your physical self doesn’t agree with your mental self-let’s figure out where those two can meet. Everything is simply more enjoyable when you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

2. Three months is typically the amount of time that is needed to establish some healthy habits and lose about 10 lbs – 15 lbs. Crash dieting and quick drops in weight is challenging, stressful, not enjoyable, unhealthy and usually unsuccessful. Set yourself up for success and take a gradual approach over the next 3 months instead of freaking out when summer is a few weeks away.

3. Warmer temps allow you to get outside and get more active. Finally we are seeing some warmer temps that allow us to ditch the winter coats and enjoy some sunshine and outdoor activity. Switch up the gym routine and go for a hike, bike ride, play tennis or even some good old fashion bleacher runs at the local high school (this was my personal favorite when I lived upstate).

4. Wedding season means dressing up and seeing loads of people you haven’t seen in forever. Wouldn’t it be great to show up confident and comfortable – proud even of the fact that you’ve adopted this new healthy lifestyle. Who knows you may even inspire a few family members when they see how great you look and feel!

5. Fresh fruits and veggies coming into season! Finally, some locally grown, flavorful and colorful produce comes back into our lives. Eating healthier is always easier when the foods are fresh and local – have fun with some new recipes !

6. Longer sunny days- makes it easier to get up in the AM when the sun is peaking through your windows- or keeps you energized when you’re hitting the gym after work in the evenings. If you are anything like me, going to work out when It’s pitch black makes it nearly impossible. When I see that sun shining through I tend to have an extra pep in my step.

7. There aren’t too many holidays or major social challenges. There may be a wedding or a birthday thrown in there but for the most part you have smooth sailing before the summer months. Unlike December which is food and drink holiday central! Spring time is an easier time to focus on getting healthy and making some changes.

8. You know your summer social calendar is going to be packed! Why not get a head start and get into a healthy routine, set a foundation – again you’re setting yourself up for success. Spend the next 3 months developing healthy habits and you’ll be able to navigate the summer social calendar much better!

9. Everyone one tends to be in a better mood – perhaps you can even convince a friend to get on the bandwagon with you! Making healthy changes is always better when you have some support and comradery. Join a new kick boxing gym and make a plan to swap some healthy recipes or meal ideas.

10. Because Spring is now- and there’s never a better time than now! If you wait for a “perfect time” to get in shape and establish some healthy eating habits chances are you’ll be waiting forever – there’s always going to be events, excuses and reasons why “right now isn’t good.” Don’t wait forever, just start today and start slow.

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