Navigating a Busy Week: A Peek Inside My Life

Wow what a BUSY amazing week this past week was! Traveling and busy schedules can be the biggest bust to our healthy routines- but I’m here to tell you it is possible to stick with it! In the last week I’ve traveled to Lake Placid, NY to speak at a conference, visited my sister in Saratoga NY, was a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding in Lake George, enjoyed mother’s day brunch and traveled back downstate. All while maintaining my weight and my healthy choices. Here's how....

I was SO excited to be asked to speak at the New York State Dietetics Conference which was hosted in Lake Placid last week 😊 I was also STRESSED that it was the same week as my brother’s wedding but I agreed because the opportunity was too great to pass on. When I’m traveling it always takes a bit of planning and organization to make sure I’m getting my workouts in and healthy meals. So first step was calling the hotel ahead and made sure there was a fitness center and packed my sneakers. The first night at the hotel was tough! I got there late so the “best” option on the menu was a chicken quesadilla. The continental breakfast the following day wasn’t so great either. Woke up early, grabbed a banana a coffee and a protein bar and went off to the gym- 3 mile run while I practiced my speech and some weight lifting for 15 minutes after. I was speaking at 11am so timing was perfect to get done what I had to and head off to talk!

THEN I had my brother’s wedding on Saturday (ahh!) so again I made sure I was able to hit the gym Friday and Saturday. I have a planet fitness membership for the sole reason of always having access to a gym wherever I may be, they are everywhere- definitely comes in handy. I was visiting with my sister for the night and when I’m staying with her I can always count on healthy options – she eats mostly vegan and also has a nutrition back ground (win!). Fruit and eggs for me in the AM, although I was able to sneak my niece a doughnut for breakfast – because life is about living right? (bribing her with sweets and presents to be her favorite aunt has nothing to do with it....) There are also a few healthy lunch spots in Saratoga, NY that I LOVE so much so I try and make a point to stop in and fill up when visiting. After the gym in the AM I stopped in and grabbed a plate full of greens and goodness from Putnam Market on Broadway- yes please!

Next- wedding events! Since the rehearsal and wedding dinner had to be chosen ahead of time I made sure to commit to the healthy choices; shrimp and salmon and only 1-2 bites of the cake to taste. I knew I wanted my ‘splurge’ to be on champagne (my fav!) for the weekend. I typically try to pick either a food splurge OR an alcohol splurge, never both (well, almost never). Knowing that the champagne was going to be flowing I made sure to keep my food choices in check all weekend 😊 I also considered dancing on the dance floor my cardio for the weekend ! Winding down Sunday with a healthy Mother’s day brunch, afternoon snacks of guacamole and salsa and back down state I went.

I wanted to start off the week getting back into a normal routine BUT Monday was a 14 hour work day so I gave myself a pass. Brought leftovers from last week for lunch, fruit and veggies and a greek yogurt that I still had in a fridge for my Monday fuel. Today (Tuesday) I’m off to the grocery store and off to the gym!

Next time you see a busy week coming up that's going to get in the way of your health goals, challenge yourself!! Make a plan, anticipate the challenge and commit to making healthy choices.

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