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5 Weight Loss Secrets I Tell All My Clients

1. Don’t give up the things you love to eat.

When we think about dieting and losing weight we often times immediately associate that with “oh no!! No more pizza and wine!” Or whatever guilty food pleasure you enjoy. Going cold turkey with the things we love has in fact been proven to not be effective for weight loss and habit change. It has been shown that when you make something forbidden there is a section of our brain that actually strengthens the desire- making it increasingly harder to “stick with it.” This explains the failure of chronic crash dieting. You can only stick to a restrictive diet plan before eventually you give in. So instead of restricting these items learn how to balance them into your diet in a healthy way.

2. If you change nothing else, portion control will go a long way.

No matter what it is we eat, controlling portions will ultimately help control calorie consumption. This goes for healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Portion control will serve you well during challenging times too like holidays, vacations, large family gatherings, or really any setting that healthy food choices are limited. If you’re looking around and only see unhealthy foods, just know you have a plan B. Keeping even the the mac n cheese to a reasonable portion to allow you to keep calorie intake to reasonable amounts. To know if you’re sticking to a proper portion test it out! Take out measure cups and spoons and measure everything out for a few days. See if what you thought was a true portion is over, under or spot on. This is a great exercise to do occasionally either way. Portion sizes are an easy one that can creep up without noticing. Every once in awhile it’s good to readjust.

3. Start eating more fruits and vegetables.

This one might be an obvious one but there’s so much power to it! When we focus on ADDING healthier options to our diet instead of REMOVING unhealthy ones, the shift can happen quite naturally. If you’re main goal is to eat 2-3 fruits a day, come mid-afternoon when you have a choice between vending machine chips or a fresh apple you might end up choosing the apple. You also learn from this experience that eating the fresh fruit over the chips was just as satisfying, reinforcing your choice for next time.

4. It takes time so don’t expect results overnight.

This one is easier said than done. I tell all my clients to “trust the process.” You might not see the weight start to drop until about a month into focusing on your goals – and that’s completely normal. Our society has led us to believe that we can “Lose weight fast!” “drop 4 sizes in 4 weeks” and dramatically see these changes and it’s just simply not true or realistic. Having realistic expectations that weight loss is slow and gradual will set you up for success. Often times when we don’t see results immediately after trying so hard we get frustrated and throw in the towel. You’ll be more successful if you go into it with accurate expectations that this takes times and be patient.

5. Figure out the “why.”

Just like anything else in life- to stick with a commitment it must be important to you. Before you dive in it would be helpful to spend some time thinking about why you want to achieve the weight loss or start eating healthier. What will those outcomes do for you and why is it important? There are always ups and downs to any journey, but we can always push through the challenges if we stay focused on why this is important.


I hope you found these tips helpful!! If you are interested in working with me to start your progress towards a healthier "you" don't hesitate to reach out ! You'll received personalized guidance and discover what works specifically for you while having all the support and accountability you need :)

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