Client Success Stories

"Working with Amanda over the past four months has helped me build a confident, healthy lifestyle. In the past I have been able to lose weight following a fad diet or fitness trend, but the process would be riddled with anxiety about when relapse might occur. Working with Amanda has instilled a sense of confidence in choosing a lifestyle of health and wellness. Through the diet modifications and nutritional education she has provided, I have come to find that weight loss no longer feels like work. Certainly, I still make active choices throughout the day, but through gradual, healthy modifications, it has begun to feel like second nature. I am confident that the tools Amanda has equipped me with will serve me long past our months of working together."

- Eat Fit Live client, 4 month progress

“Working with Amanda has made a huge difference in my health and lifestyle! Her enduring supportive and positive attitude made working with her a great experience. She was there for me every step of the way. She has a wealth of knowledge of knowledge and patience to help you reach your goals an teach you the individualized tools that you need to be successful. I would recommend working with Amanda to everyone, no matter what your nutrition or fitness goals are!”

- Eat Fit Live client, 8 month progress

“Working with Amanda has allowed me to transform my life. Her knowledge and experience have turned my life in a positive direction allowing me to look healthy, feel healthy, and perform at a higher level than before.  Amanda’s individualized approach has given me the vision and motivation to set achievable goals and be accountable. My relationship with nutrition and exercise is forever changed. I am extremely grateful to have her as my coach.”


- Eat Fit Live client, 7 month progress

This weight loss and healthy habit building journey over the past year has given me the space to love myself a little bit more.

- Eat Fit Live client, 12 month progress

When I first contacted you, I was feeling disconnected between the lifestyle I have built and my eating habits. I was looking to build healthier habits, to start "walking the walk."  You have helped me gain a more clear picture about what wholesome nutrition and personal accountability look like.

- Eat Fit Live client, 6 month progress

All testimonials are from real Eat Fit Live clients from 2017-2019. They are kept anonymous to protect the privacy of my clients.